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Beijing start Internet technology co., LTD

China green office services,The company was founded1998Years,Is one specialized is engaged in the copier lease、Photocopiers all maintenance、Enterprise file management solution customized outsourcing services as one of professional printing services company。With the Canon、Sharp、Kyocera、Toshiba、Ricoh、Xerox、The excellent agent qualification such as samsung brand compound machine。We have a Beijing modern service enterprises、Cre、Bank of Beijing、China's oil、Beijing WuWei, etc。
In order to“Become the preferred green office services”Vision for the enterprise,In order to“Provide high quality service to our customers、For employees to create learning opportunities and development space、To realize self value”For the idea。Insist on and develop“Sincere gratitude、Challenges beyond、Common development”The spirit of enterprise,The customer's long-term development and the growth of the enterprise and employees' career planning,So as to realize common development、Make progress together、Improve together and share together。
Customers preferred green office service providers!Let you experience the green、Easily、Health office!
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